Vacuum Pumps

Air Pump Potential Side Effects

Air pumps have been used for years now but did you know they can have some lasting side effects?

Vacuum Pumps - Not so Safe and Effective

Potential Vacuum Pump Side Effects

Vacuum penis pumps have been around for years and thousands of men have found them useful. However, as we read their success stories and look at before and after pictures, we start to wonder if it's really all that good or just a part of promotion? Let's see what are the side effects and hazards in using vacuum based penis pumps.


First of all, you should know how these work. Basically, you put the device over your penis and create vacuum by pumping out air from the cylinder. Sounds a little dangerous, doesn't it? Especially since we are talking about something as delicate as your penis.


Here are all the major side effects and drawbacks that may occur when you are using a vacuum penis pump.


• Vacuum may not work in a balanced way, so parts of the penis will change while others will remain the same. This is common to happen with vacuum pumps. However, now that we also have water based pumps available, this problem can be avoided.


• If creating too much pressure, there is a chance that your capillaries will rupture and start bleeding. Your penis will turn red and painful, it will take weeks if not months to recover entirely.


• If you keep using your vacuum pump regularly and are doing it more frequently than recommended, you may develop lymph blisters on your penis shaft. Not only will this make future use of the pump impossible, it will also make it difficult for you to enjoy sex.


• For men who regularly take blood thinning meds there is a risk of some bleeding. If you are currently taking Plavix, Coudmadin, aspirin, naproxen or even ibuprofen, think twice about buying a vacuum penis pump.


• Using a penis pump is not safe if you suffer from anemia or any other blood disorder. It may trigger bleeding or even worse, blood clots.


• Pain and bruising may happen if you don't use the pump correctly. Always make sure to follow all instructions.


• The erections you get from using a penis pump may feel and look unnatural. Sometimes there is less firmness at the penis base while it's completely erect near the end.


If you notice these or any other side effects when using your vacuum penis pump, stop your exercises at once and consult your doctor or the merchant.


Today, vacuum pumps are not the only type of penis pumps you can buy, there are also those that work on hydro technology. You fill them with water and create pressure that way. These have far less side effects and are safer to use. Some of the best among them are Penomet and Bathmate.


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