Types of Penis Pumps

Over the years there have been several different types of penis pumps men with penile dysfunction or Peyronie's disease have been able to use to cure their disease.

Penis Enlargement with Pumps

is Effective

Vacuum Based Pumps

This is a device which involves a pressurized chamber that is fitted around the shaft of the penis. This mechanism uses something known as a limiter which decreases the pressure if the pumping action is too fast. The point of this feature is to reduce the risk of developing further vascular damage to the penis. The hand pump is a manual form of the device which can be used to deliver more blood in the penis, which results in an erection.


Water Based (Hydro) Penis Pumps


This device can be used in the shower or during a bath. An important part of the penis pumping process is to have the tissue relaxed or warmed up, making this device ideal. While bathing, a pump can be used simultaneously.


By submerging the device in water and pushing the mechanism towards the shaft of the penis, a vacuum is created and suction occurs. The top of the device usually has a valve which allows the water to be released, causing more pressure and suction. By pushing the device down, further suction can be achieved. The right angle of the device on the shaft is very important.


It is best that the device is used properly, about 3 - 5 times a week for it to take full effect.


Currently there are 2 marketleaders on hydro penis pump market, Penomet and BathMate. You can read our comparison here.


Compression Rings


A compression ring, or sometimes known as a cock ring, is usually used with a vacuum based pump. This is attached to the base of the penis shaft right before pumping. The point is to lock in all the blood in the penis to which prevents blood from exiting the penis, keeping the erection longer.


Prolonged use of the ring can cause severe damage. It is only recommended for 30-minute use. It is important that you read the manual provided by the manufacturer of the device.


Using Lubricant With The Ring


Lubricant can be used with the cock ring if it does not damage the outer material which the ring is made out of. Lubricating the ring can ensure that it stays in place, making it easier to position the device. This can help with the pumping and can reduce any risk of disturbing the pressurized tube.


Lubricant can also make it easier for the ring to be removed after use. It can slide off the shaft. However, this might be easier said than done.