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Penomet vs BathMate - Comparison

When it comes to penis extenders, two products stand out from all the rest – Penomet and BathMate. Both of them are easy to use and give great results. To help you choose between the two, we have compared the features, price and comfort of both devices.


Differences of Penomet and BathMate


Penomet vs BathMate


The biggest difference that you will notice right away is that while BathMate comes in various sizes, depending on the starting size of your penis, Penomet will fit any man and any size. This is not an issue if you want to improve your size by just an inch, but if it's a long term thing and you want to see lots of progress, Penomet seems like a better option. If you buy BathMate and start exercising with it, chances are you will outgrow the initial device and need a larger one. This is too much extra hassle for you and will cost you more than it would to buy just one Penomet product.


This brings us to the next major difference between the two – the price. BathMate Hercules, the basic version of the BathMate penis pump is available for around $118 while the Penomet Standard costs $127. However, it's important to keep in mind that if you are planning to use the pump for a longer period of time, BathMate Hercules might one day be too small for you and you need to make another investment into Hydromax X30 or an even larger version.



Penomet vs BathMate


To get the most benefits, it's recommended to use either Hydromax Xtreme from BathMate or Penomet Premium. Both have lots of accessories, including a comfort strap for using in the shower. However, here the prices have changed and Penomet beats their competition when it comes to cost of the product. For Penomet Premium you will need to spend $297 while Hydromax Xtreme will cost you a staggering $399.


When it comes to the look and feel of the product, Penomet is a bit heavier than the BathMate, but you will get used to either of them rather quickly. Penomet is not only heavier, but larger as well, so if you are traveling a lot, this is something to consider.


Similarities of Penomet and BathMate


Both penis pumps work with water. You will fill the device with water, set it over you penis and pump out some of the water to create vacuum. This is the most comfortable method and it works on your whole penis, increasing its length, thickness and volume. It also helps to enlarge the penis head and you will last longer in bed. Pumps without water may make you uncomfortable and can even hurt.


When talking about putting on the pumps, it probably depends on personal preferences. Both work in a similar way, they are filled with water, placed over the penis and later released and removed.


Since the two products really are similar in how they work, how they look and their price as well, it's up to you to decide which one seems right for you. However, remember that when you buy the Penomet Premium, it will be a lifetime investment while with BathMate, you may need another pump soon.

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