Penomet Gaiters

Different Penomet gaiters are necessary if you want to take the maximum out of your daily exercise routines so using Force 60, 65, 70, 75 or 80 gaiters will give you the extra boost.

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Penomet - Certified & Proven Penis Pump

Penomet is a premium penis pump that works with hydro technology. But that's not the only thing that makes Penomet stand out from among all other penis pumps. It is also because of their excellent Gaiter system.


What Are Penomet Gaiters?


The gaiter is the silicone part of the Penomet pump that you put around your penis to apply pressure. Penomet has several gaiters for you to choose from. Each of these is designed to offer different kind of pressure so your daily exercise routines will offer you the most growth.


There are five gaiters, each comes with a different force:


  • Force 60 (Purple)

  • Force 65 (Blue)

  • Force 70 (Black)

  • Force 75 (Grey)

  • Force 80 (Red)


Penomet Gaitors for Sale


Penomet gaiters are so easy to use and since they all create a specific pressure they encourage the penis to grow better than other pumps without this option. Beginners and experienced users can both take advantage of this system.


How Do These Gaiters Work?


The Penomet Pump is designed to work by adding pressure on the penis. When there is enough force, more blood will flow into the penis tissues and it will start expanding. Gaiters not only allow the right kind of pressure, but they also make it very comfortable due to the premium silicone used in making them.


Penomet works with water pressure and the gaiter is there to make sure that the balance of the hydro force is just right for maximum gains and that the penis will not be pushed into unsafe zones of pressure.


In regular vacuum pumps the pressure is not balanced out and sometimes when the penis doesn't want to extend and respond to the vacuum, injuries and tissue damage might happen. However, with the water system of Penomet and the gaiters, this will not happen. Your penis will grow faster and without any discomfort.


For the best results you should follow the daily exercise routine to maximize the growth of your penis and move gradually from lower forced gaiters to those that are more powerful, or you could alternate between them, which also gives faster gains.


Where To Buy Penomet Gaiters?


Right now, the only way you can get Penomet gaiters is if you buy one of the three Penomet packages as currently, gaiters are not sold separately.


Penomet Standard kit comes with just one gaiter – Force 70. If you buy the Penomet Extra package, you get three gaiters – Force 65, 70 and 75. However, you can get all five gaiters for maximum results with Penomet Premium. This kit has gaiters with Force 60, 65, 70, 75 and 80. You also get a lifetime gaiter replacement guarantee so you won't even need to buy any more in the future.


Now, there is some more good news. If you are no longer happy with the gaiters you have and want to buy additional ones to continue your penis enlargement project, we have found out that Penomet will soon be offering gaiters separately as well. To know when and where you can buy them, subscribe to our mailing list and be the first to find out.


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