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Over the time there have been several different types of penis pumps men with penile dysfunction or Peyronie's disease have been able to use to cure their disease. But penis enhancement has become more and more popular as well.

Penis Enlargement with Pumps

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Welcome to Penis Pump Wiki aims to give you all the information you need on different types of penis pumps, how to use them and what kind of results to expect. The topic is no longer avoided as people have realized there is nothing shameful in using this device. Penis pumps are not only used by men who want to make their penis bigger or treat conditions like Peyronies Disease, but also by anyone looking to spice things up in the bedroom.


What is a Penis Pump?


A penis pump is a device consisting of a cylinder that is placed over the penis and a pump to create vacuum in the device. Water based pumps like Penomet and Bathmate don't have a separate pump, water is removed from the cylinder by pressing down the device. The more pressure is created in the cylinder the more blood flows in the vessels in the penis making it gain in size.


Penis Pump History


Penis Pump History


The first penis pump was created in the 1900's, but it's use became widespread only in the 1970's. Ever since then, penis pumps are pretty common. Men use it to enhance their penis size as well as their performance in bed, some even include it in the foreplay. You can even make your own penis pump or get a professionally manfuctured one.


Uses of penis pumps


Penis pumps are recognized by doctors and health specialists all over the world. They recommend this device to their patients with Penile Dysfunction and Peyronies Disease as well as with other sexual performance and erection related problems. Using a pump regularly also has other benefits. It can make the penis longer and thicker giving it more volume overall, straighten the curvature, give better, long lasting erections and better control over ejaculation.


Different types of penis pumps


Until very recently, vacuum pumps were the only kind of penis pumps available. However, today we also have a much safer and better option – hydro pumps (water based penis pumps). When using a vacuum pump, air is pumped out from the cylinder creating pressure that makes more blood flow in the penis, thus making it grow. There are some hazards when the pump is not used correctly as it may result in different injuries. Water based pumps have waived these problems by replacing air in the cylinder with water. This offers much more comfort and balanced pressure, giving better results in less time. You can find comparison between the leaders in the hydro pump market from here; Penomet vs Bathmate.