DIY Homemade Penis Pumps

Have you been thinking of buying a penis pump but find them too expensive? Or the thought of postman deliverying an item in a clearly marked box "Penis Pump" is too much?

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Homemade DIY Penis Pumps

Most men have wanted a bigger penis at one time or another. Many don't just stop with thinking about it and they start buying expensive devices like penis extenders and pumps. However, since times are hard, it may be impossible to put aside enough finances for that. That is why some men have created their own DIY penis pumps. While these may not work quite as well as the best commercial penis pumps, they still have a similar technology and should give the same effect.


How to make a DIY penis pump?


Making a penis pump at home is not too difficult, you just need to understand how it works and construct one. Basically, a penis pump creates vacuum that makes more blood to flow into the penis stretching the tissues. Here are step by step instructions for making a DIY penis pump.


Step 1. Make sure you have all that you need – an empty soda bottle or a tennis ball tube, a vacuum cleaner with hose, a knife or strong scissors, some gauze or cotton and plenty of tape.


Step 2. Prep the bottle or the tube. If you are using a bottle, cut off the bottom. See if the hose of the vacuum can be placed over the bottle neck. If not, chop some off from there as well. If you chose the tennis ball tube, there is already an opening for the penis and you only need to cut a hole for the vacuum on the other end.


Step3. Line the bottle. Use cotton and gauze to line the edge of your penis pump. Use tape to secure the gauze. Make sure to add lots of lining, you don't want to hurt or scratch yourself. While lining, see that you still have enough room in the device for your fully erect penis.


Step 4. Attach the vacuum. Place the vacuum hose over the neck of the bottle or attach it to the suction end of the tube using tape. You will need more tape to seal it so that no air can get out.


Step 5. Try it out. Put your new pump over your semi erect penis. Now, switch the vacuum on. If the pump is sealed tight, your penis will experience heavy blood flow in the matter of moments and you will feel and see the suction. If for some reason this doesn't happen, check the seals.


DIY Penis Pump Issues


While it is a cheap alternative, using a home made penis pump is not always safe. When modern penis pumps let you adjust the pressure easily and you can release instantly if something happens, with homemade penis pumps, it's not possible and you could seriously hurt your penis if you apply too much pressure. Also, if you don't line the edges with utmost care, you can easily get scratches and other injuries.


For maximum results and the safest possible penis enlargement, it's still recommended to use professional products like Penomet or BathMate. It's not worth to risk your private parts in order to save money.

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