Handsome Up Pump Review

Handsome Up Vacuum penis pump is one of the best priced products on the market. It's manufacturers claims about it's effectivness is something to consider so scroll down to read the full review of this product.

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How Good is Handsome Up Penis Pump?

Handsome Up is a quality male enhancement device that was created to help with sexual performance. It works with a vacuum technology by drawing blood into the penis to make it longer and thicker.


Classification: Penis Pump (Vacuum)
Customer Support:
Warranty: 12 Months
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Handsome Up Price: From $15.99
Discounts: None
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Here are the main benefits of the Handsome Up penis pump:


  • Increases your penis size

  • Helps with erectile dysfunction

  • Can help with premature ejaculation problems

  • Relief for Peyronie's disease


How Handsome Up Penis Pump Work?


Vacuum based penis pumps have been in use for years now and they have proven results. However, there are cheap pumps and premium ones. Handsome Up considers itself a premium product and says that it will give significant results.


Handsome Up comes with an improved technology. It is lighter and works faster. It's ease of use is the main selling point of this device.


There are many penis pumps sold these days, all of them somehow use vacuum to make them work. As you know, erections happens when you get excited and your brain sends signals to your body that initiate blood flow to your penis. The two chambers on top of your penis get filled with blood, creating the erection.


Unfortunately, sometimes a healthy blood flow is not possible or is obstructed and men don't have as strong erections as they would like to. Handsome Up device uses vacuum to increase blood flow into the penis and you will get better and harder erections. Also, if you keep using the pump regularly over time, it can increase the length of your penis by inches and also make it thicker and heavier.


To use the pump, you need to place your penis in the cylinder and pump the air out using the bulb. Do it regularly, 5 times a week, 10-15 minutes in a row. Make sure to follow the instructions in the manual that comes with the Handsome Up pump and don't create too much pressure at once.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Handsome Up


Handsome Up is a decent male enhancement device and known for giving results quickly, however it also has it's pros and cons. Lets check them out here.




  • Lightweight and easy to use

  • Can make your erections stronger after only couple of weeks of use

  • Made of premium materials

  • Can help with Erectile Dysfunction, premature ejaculation and Peyronie's Disease

  • Has 3 rubber sleeves for different sizes of penises




  • Some user feedback is very negative about the quality of the pump, tends not to hold vacuum and might break easily

  • Adding too much pressure can cause injury

  • Individual results can vary


Where to Buy Handsome Up?


The easiest way is to order Handsome Up online. Prices may vary depending on the merchant, but it will not break the bank for sure. In your package you get the cylinder device, the blub for pumping out the air and three sleeves to work with any penis size. You will also get a user manual.




Handsome Up is a decent device, worth its price. However, thanks to its vacuum technology, it is recommended to follow the instructions of use to the dot to prevent any damage to your penis and surrounding tissues. Some rather negative user feedback about the quality is something to consider as well.

Our recommendation would be to use water based penis pump Penomet what has won several Venus awards for it's innovative technology and proven results.

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