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Whilst no particular food can help you to get a bigger penis, your dietary choices can impact on how successful a penis enlargement technique is.

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It's true that there is no certain foods that will make your penis bigger, however, the dietary choices you make can still have an impact on how successful your penis enlargement project is. For example, most methods, like penis extenders depend on increasing the blood flow in your penis.


If your diet only includes fatty and junk food, it will definitely have an effect on your erection. Just like with your heart, the arteries in your penis will also get blocked and clogged if you consume too much fat.


How to make sure I have a healthy erection?


We don't usually think about the fact that just like the rest of our body, our penis as well needs a healthy supply of blood. But we should, since as we stated above, a bad diet can have an effect on more than just your heart, it will affect your erection as well.


If you really want to make your penis larger, there are plenty of things you could do to make that happen and add an inch or two to your size. Here are a few dietary changes that will help:


- Eat lots of vegetables and fruits


- Don't consume a lot of red meat, instead, opt for chicken, fish and other lean meats


- Add oats and whole wheat products to your diet


- Forget about foods that have lots of processed sugars in them, don't eat fast food or white flour products


- Include minerals and multivitamins in your diet. Warning: don't overdo with iron, try to increase your zinc levels instead


- Don't smoke. Warning: your capillaries and arteries will shrink when you smoke, this will reduce oxygen supply in your blood


What else should I do?


Like we said above, you can't improve the way your penis looks just by adjusting your diet alone. You should also use some quality penis enhancing technique. As you will soon find out, there are many of these you can choose from, including penis pumps, penis extenders, penis exercises and also surgery. Each of these has its own advantages as well as disadvantages:


  • Penis extenders – the technique is similar to orthopedic surgery. The extender applies traction to the penis (corpora cavernosa in particular). This causes the cells to break loose and replicate. When more and more new cells are created in the penis, they allow it to hold more blood than before. It will produce more powerful and harder erections, fix penile curvatures, eliminate premature ejaculation problems and what matters most, increase the size of your penis by inches.

  • Penis pumps – these create a vacuum all around the penis. This causes more blood to flow into the penis, which helps to increase both the length and the girth.

  • Penis exercises – these, kegel & jelqing, are both designed to strengthen and stretch your penis. By doing the milking exercise regularly, you increase blood flow to the penis, helping it gain in size.

  • Penis enlargement surgery – this is the most expensive option and also a risky one. There are several types of surgery you could go through, including insertion of inflatable tubes, cutting the ligament and attaching a skin graft.

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