Does Penis Size Matter?

Men have spent years trying to figure out if the size of their penis actually matters when it comes to sex. Here is the truth.

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Smaller, Average or Bigger, which is Better?

Many men say that they first got fixated with the size of their penis when they were in their teenage years, especially because moments in the locker room made them wonder if their penis was smaller than of their mates.


But the truth is, either large, average or small, each size has it's own advantages as well as disadvantages, particularly when it comes to sex.


Does a small penis have any advantages?


Yes, it does. And one of them is especially good for your partner. The fact is that men with less than average penis size have a much better chance of finding the famous g-spot than those who have a big penis. G-spot is located about 3 inches from the vagina opening and if you have a 3-4 inch erect penis, you will satisfy your partner for sure.


What are the advantages of an average penis?


These have their own advantages, of course.


If you direct the average penis at the right angle, it can stimulate your partner's g-spot and clit both at the same time. But there is more...


Penises with average size usually have more girth, this is again good for your partner. Due to the extra girth, your penis will stimulate the sensitive nerve endings located at the vagina entrance.


But don't women prefer large penises?


In fact, many women find the thought of an extra large penis intimidating. They worry whether or not it will “fit in” and they are also worried that it might do damage to them, i.e. bruising, tearing or even bleeding.


If your penis is over 8-9 inches, your partner will most likely be less impressed than worried.


Is there a perfect size then?


To be honest, no penis size is perfect. If you ask any woman whether or not size matters to them, most of them will answer that it's how you use it that matters, not the actual size of your penis.


Unfortunately, this still won't help you if you are self conscious about the size of your penis. And as you probably already know, the more worried you are about your size, the less your focus will be on giving pleasure to your partner.


What can be done?


If you really are worried about the size of your penis, there are fortunately many techniques for enlarging your penis. By using some of them you can gain more confidence when it comes to bedroom activities.


Here are some techniques that can help you increase the size of your penis:


Penis pumps – they will create a vacuum all around your penis. This causes more blood to flow into the penis, improving both the length and the girth.


Penis extenders – they will apply traction and stretch the corpora cavernosa in the penis. This kind of pressure will break cells lose and make them duplicate, which in turn increases the penis size as it needs to hold a larger amount of blood. You will get harder erections, improve the curvature, keep premature ejaculation from happening, and of course, increase the size of your penis by several inches.

Penis exercises – these are designed to train and stretch your penis. Usually the exercises include massaging/milking the penis to encourage more blood to flow in the penis. If you do the exercises every day for 30 minutes, you will see that your penis size will increase by an inch, however it's a temporary solution.


Any or all of these techniques will improve your penis size and boost your confidence as well. So, if you really are unhappy and worried about your size, try some of these out.


If you choose the right method, you also ensure that your partner will be impressed with you over and over again.

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