Best Ways to Use Penomet?

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After buying Penomet, you need to make sure it works out in a best possible way for you. There are three ways how you can use the pump to get maximum gains. Let's see how each of them works.

Use Penomet In The Shower


For maximum comfort, use Penomet in the shower. You can incorporate your exercise into your regular shower routine, this way you don't have to spend any extra time on your penis enhancing procedures.

Start by relaxing in the shower for a few minutes to allow your tissues get loose and ready for the exercise. Now take your Penomet and fill it with water. Place it over your penis and pump out some of the water until vacuum is created. Keep the device on for 15-20 minutes and pump a few times ever 3-5 minutes or when it starts to lose vacuum. Keep the pressure on and if you feel comfortable, add pressure by pumping.


If you also have the comfort strap, attach it so you can feel comfortable and you get your hands free to continue your normal washing and showering procedures while wearing Penomet. When it's time to finish the session, release pressure and remove the pump. You should already notice that your penis looks better and has more volume.

Use Penomet In The Bath


Taking a bath is another great way to do your Penomet procedures. Make sure the water in the tub is not too hot nor too cold and relax in the warm water for a few minutes. This will prepare your penis for the exercise and relaxes the tissues so that you will get better results later.


Now, sit comfortably in the bath, fill the Penomet with water and put it in place. Seal it and create vacuum by pumping a few times. Pump again after every few minutes or when you feel the pressure getting lower. Once you feel comfortable with the current pressure, add some more. However, don't try to go too far, take it easy by increasing the pressure slowly.


After 20 minutes of use, release the Penomet and remove it. Repeat this exerices 5 times a week to gain maximum benefits.


Use Penomet Without Water


Although using your Penomet while showering or taking a bath is recommended, that doesn't mean you can't use it without water. Sometimes you are in a position where you can't take a shower or a bath but still want to go through with your exercises.


In this case, it's important to first do some warming up. Pre-stretch the tissues before using the pump so it prepares the penis for the Penomet pressure. To do that, grip your penis below the head and stretch it periodically in different angles.


When you are ready, put on the Penomet. Since there is no water this time, make sure your penis is in the tube comfortably and doesn't stick to the walls of the pump. Shake it a little if necessary. Now, just like with water, pump the Penomet until there is enough pressure and you can feel the tissues stretching. Keep the pressure on by pumping whenever you feel the vacuum subsiding. After your 20-minute routine is over, remove the pump and store it.


It doesn't matter which method you choose or if you alternate between them, The most important thing is to feel comfortable while doing the exercise. Never pump too much and use common sense to make sure the level of pressure is just right.

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