BathMate Penis Pump Review

BathMate has been the market leader for penis pumps for years. It's approach to "one size DOES NOT fit all" has been very successful. Find out more about this hydro pump further below.

Safe, Trusted and

Effective Penis Enlargement

BathMate - Certified & Proven Penis Pump

Bathmate advertises their penis pump as the worlds best selling penis enhancement device. The device is designed not just to help you enlarge your penis, but also to keep it in top shape and to fight with Erectile Dysfunction and give you a more enjoyable sex life.


This BathMate review will give you a complete overview of the product.


Classification: Penis Pump (Hydro)
Customer Support:
Lifetime Warranty: No
Money Back Guarantee: 30 days
Ease of Refund:
BathMate Price: From $118 to $199
Discounts: Up To $53 (X40)
Overall rating:


Here is what to expect from this device:


  • Gain in penis length, volume and girth

  • Boosts your self confidence

  • More control over ejaculation

  • Relief for Peyronie's disease

  • Help with impotence problems


What is BathMate?


Bathmate is an elegant and simple penis enlargement device. It is very easy to use and works with anyone. It sells successfully worldwide and has been on the market for over five years. It's possible to get a thicker and longer penis in just a few weeks, all thanks to Bathmate's innovative design. What makes Bathmate different than most other penis pumps is that it works with water, just like the latest quality penis pump, Penomet.


Bathmate has been in business ever since 2005 and their products have been featured on television and radio as well as print media. Their products are sold by pharmaceutical chains and used by medical professionals.


How BathMate Works?


BathMate works by increasing your penis size by developing the area called Corpora Cavernosa in your penis and making it stronger and larger. Let's explain it further.


How penis pumps work

Unlike regular penis pumps that create vacuum by removing air from the device, Bathmate uses a different technology. With Bathmate, you will first fill the cylinder with water and then let the water out to create vacuum. After putting the pump over your penis and sealing it, water can be removed by pumping. The more water is pumped out of the device, the more pressure is created. That pressure is what starts expanding the tissues in the penis. Bathmate can be used in a bath tub, in shower or also as a regular, air based pump.


However, using water makes the whole process a lot more comfortable and removes most safety concerns that are common in air pumps. With Bathmate, both your hands will be free as there is no need to squeeze an air bulb. This allows you better control over the device and you will get better results.


Advantages and Disadvantages of BathMate


Even though Bathmate is a market leader and obviously has a lot of benefits that make people from world over interested in buying this product, it also has some disadvantages. We will list them here:




  • Easy to use

  • Gives length and thickness to the penis

  • Makes sex life more enjoyable


  • Works in the shower, bath or with air


  • Different sizes of pumps depening on your penis size


  • 30 day no risk money back guarantee




  • Can only be bought online

  • Need to spend more money after you "outgrow" your current BathMate pump

  • Individual results can vary


What Kind of Results to Expect?


Let's now move on to the most important part, what are the results you can expect from Bathmate? After all, this is what determines whether or not you will buy the product.


Most of the time, users of Bathmate agree that it takes less time to get visible results with Bathmate than with other similar devices. The first gains will be seen right after using the pump for the first time. You will notice that your penis is longer and thicker after removing the device. This effect, however, will wear off in a few hours. Long time, permanent result can be observed after using Bathmate for a few months.


As Bathmate works like any other muscle exercise routine, the longer you keep up your regular exercise, the more you will gain. Expected size gain over time is about 1 – 3 inches. It will not only increase the length, but also the girth and overall volume of the penis.


Where to Buy BathMate?


Currently BathMate is only available for online purchasing. There is the official and tons of other resellers. Official website offers discreet, brown box delivery to many place worldwide, including UK, Germany, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Austria, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal and many other countries.


We recommend purchasing it from the offical site to gain advantage of the 30 day money back guarantee and to be 100% sure about the authenticity of the product.


Different Versions of BathMate


BathMate has 5 different versions of the product; BathMate Hercules, BathMate HydroMax X30, BathMate HydroMax X40, Bath HydroMax Xtreme and BathMate Goliath. Each version has 3 different colors of pumps to choose from: blue, red and clear.


BathMate Prices (including discounts)


  • BathMate Hercules. This is the most basic of the packages. It only includes the device itself. Hercules is recommended to beginners and those with up to average penis sizes as it will be too small for sizes that are over average. Price: $118.95 (Saving of $27)

  • BathMate HydroMax X30. This product has 35% more pumping power and has other improved features, including the brand new 360 degree rotation system and the Super Flow Latch Valve system. Hydromax X30 is suited for almost any penis size. Price: $159 (Discount $40)

  • BathMate HydroMax X40. This model is larger than X30 and can safely be used even by those with really large penises. Price: $199 (Discount $53)


  • BathMate HydroMax Xtreme. This is the largest model among the Hydromax range. It comes with various extras, included in the kit are a carrying case, measuring gauge, handball pump, cleaning sponge, comfort pad, shower strap and lube. Price: $399 (Discount $119)

  • BathMate Goliath. This model is made mostly for the adult industry. It's for men who are already very well equipped with at least 20 cm. Included in the package are a shower strap, measuring gauge and carrying case. Price: $199 (Discount $50)



Bathmate is no doubt one of the premium penis pumps available, especially thanks to it's hydro technology and different size product for different size of penis. While we will leave it up to you to find out whether or not it gives great results quickly, there seem to be no obstacles when using this device.


However, due to it's high cost, it's advisable to think about which package to buy if you don't want to outgrow it and have to spend money on yet another device.



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